Pony Clubs of Kenya

Pony Club

There are four branches of the Pony Club in Nairobi: Langata, Nairobi (based in Karen) and Kabete, and one upcountry: the Mt Kenya branch.  Most branches have regular rallies and, although it is obviously better if a child owns his/her own pony, it is sometimes possible to hire suitable ponies from the riding schools, or borrow them from friends.  Whilst Pony Club is not an alternative to good riding instruction, as rallies are held once a month or so, functions other than instructional rallies are held, such as camps, forest hacks, gymkhanas, etc., where children meet and get to know each other.

More information can be obtained from the branches themselves.  Choose the one nearest to where you live or keep your pony.  The names and addresses of the various chairmen/ Secretaries are given below as at  June 2016.

Kabete Pony Club

  • Chairman: Maggie Gray    gray@africaonline.co.ke
  • Secretary: TBC

Langata Pony Club

  • Chairman: Susie Nann              susienann65@gmail.com
  • Secretary: Suzanne Sorensen    suzannegosmond@hotmail.com
  • Upcountry Rep: Rachel Robley    rmrobley1@gmail.com 

Mount Kenya Pony Club

  • Chairman: Bryn Llewellyn   bryn@oldonyo.co.ke
  • Secretary: Adele Wilson     provisionseastafrica@outlook.com

General Pony Club information

The Pony Club in Kenya is here to encourage young people up to the age of 21 years to learn to enjoy riding their ponies with the emphasis on learning through FUN, so that they can become focused in any discipline they prefer. It introduces the children to GAMES, CROSS COUNTRY JUMPING, SHOW JUMPING, DRESSAGE AND EQUITATION.

Each year the Pony Club has a hugely successful and popular PONY CLUB CAMP, usually held upcountry somewhere, where you take your own pony and look after it, with a bit of help!, for a week. Here you have some tuition and do lots of fun showjumping, cross country riding, hacking and lots of fun in the evenings with quiz’s, entertainment and a party at the end of the week.

The Pony Club of Kenya standing committee put on a big show at Easter time each year, which is held in Nairobi. Then during the term time each branch try to put on several rallies and one day training days for jumping and some dressage. Each year (usually at camp,) the Pony Club tests are done.